Carers Advice

Calling All Carers

At the Higham Ferrers Surgery we have a dedicated Carers Lead - Stacey Payne

Please contact Stacey on 01933 412777 for advice and information.

If you provide regular, unpaid help for a relative or a friend who has additional needs as a result of disability, physical or mental illness, ageing or substance misuse then you are a Carer, and we would like to support you.

You don’t have to be getting Carers Allowance to be a ‘Carer’ and you don’t have to be doing a certain number of hours or performing personal care.

At Higham Ferrers Surgery we recognise that caring for a friend or relative can be a rewarding experience, but it can also leave you tired and stressed. Caring may also affect your own health. Many people struggle alone, unaware of services available.

Please let us know

Many of our patients may be carers but are yet to let us know. You 

Telling us about your situation will help us to support you better:can register with us as a carer via the online form opposite.

  • You will be offered an annual flu vaccination
  • A note will be added to your record so practice staff are aware someone depends on you.
  • This can help us better understand the condition of the person you care for and protect them if you became unwell.
  • It will help us to look out for the warning signs of illnesses that are common among Carers, such as back pain, depression, high blood pressure etc.
  • We aim to be flexible to fit appointments around your caring duties or provide joint appointments for you and the person you look after.

Register a Carer

Northamptonshire Carers

With your agreement we can put you in touch with the local charity Northamptonshire Carers who offer advice, support and FREE services such as:

  • Gym sessions
  • Carers sitting service
  • Suffolk holiday chalets
  • Trips & lunchbreaks
  • Reiki and relaxation
  • Regular telephone support
  • One-to-one peer support
  • Access to the Emergency Care Service
  • Carers Assessment (your legal entitlement)
  • Dementia Care Advice Service

If you would prefer you can contact them directly on 01933 677 907 or visit their websites or .

More information can be found on the NHS Choices website .

For further websites which may be of interest, please see below: